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The Pathway 3.3
Sistine Chapel Rift 4.3

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Why this website ?

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First, thank you for visiting our website.

EnterTheRift.fr is a French website (excuse my english) for virtual reality enthusiasts that informs all that relate to the Oculus Rift.
So, every day, we see new games and software compatible with the Oculus Rift including a large number of independent games.
To follow all the news, we opened a dedicated games section. The objective of this section Games was just to inform our readers. But we won't stop there!

To help game developers to promote their creations for the Oculus Rift and to collect all players' opinions, we have made a GameCenter with international vocation. This section allows everyone to discover and rate games very easily. The scoring is done on several artistic and technical criterias that we consider essential to have the best possible experience in virtual reality.
Developers identified on our website will be able to update their games.
Oculus Rift players who have tested these games will be invited on the main page of the GameCenter to test the new version and rate games once again.
Oculus Rift You can also be informed by email of new releases and updates if you want.
This is the originality of our system, we wish scores will be "alive" to reflect games update. Because independent developers are not like the big studios, they don't have a massive panel of testers so they need your feedback.

In addition, each game will have an overall score. Some awards (symbolic of course) will be attributed each year to the games of different categories that are distinguished.

On our side, we will test games and softwares, but our ratings will have the same impact as readers' ratings to calculate the overall score. We don't pretend that we are better than you to rate games :-)

Again thank you a lot for visiting our page. I hope you enjoy this website !
NiK - Webmaster        

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