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Let's Talk about VR #1 : 1st interview with Palmer Luckey (Oculus VR)

Let's Talk about VR #1 : 1st interview with Palmer Luckey (Oculus VR)

Published by , 2014-02-28 18:33

Today we inaugurate a new section on EnterTheRift: Let's Talk about VR.

The concept of this section: talking with the biggest names in the world of virtual reality in a short interview.

And for the first episode, we had the honor to speak with the one who started everything: Palmer Luckey (designer of the Oculus Rift). We thank him greatly for taking the time to answer our questions. We couldn't ask for better to inaugurate this section !

EnterTheRift (ETR) : Hi Palmer, we hope to meet you but the Events page of Oculus VR website is very poor for now, have you planned to come in Europe in 2014 (for Gamescom)? In France?

Palmer Luckey (PL) : We are still finalizing our event schedule, but we will definitely be at Gamescom.

ETR : Let’s talk about VR ! CCP seems beyond 60 FPS, is there an holy grail for framerate? From what frequency would it be difficult to distinguish an amelioration?

PL : Low-persistence displays require framerates higher than 60. The hardware really needs to be around 90hz to look perfectly fluid.

Oculus Rift : Crystal Cove Prototype
Crystal Cove Prototype, Oculus VR's latest prototype

ETR : The fastening system doesn't seem to have changed since the DevKit 1. Would it evolve until the final version?

PL : Yes.

ETR : Have the dual screens solutions such as InfinitEye or Valve been permanently abandoned for the future versions of the Rift?

PL : We never write anything off permanently.

ETR : What do you think about true VRD solutions? Is it the future of VR like many people says?

PL : A true VRD will be an important part of the future of VR when they become viable for consumers at some point. Don't be fooled by existing technologies that claim to be VRDs.

ETR : In a recent interview, you talked about in lab versions that could be plugged on a smartphone. Could you tell us a little more? Are those versions fully autonomous?

PL : The Rift will be fully standalone someday, but that day is a long way away.

ETR : The Crystal Cove brought two major evolutions compared to the previous versions: the low persistence and the positional tracking. Can we expect new functionalities of this importance for the final version?

PL : Yes.

ETR : Personal question to conclude: How do you picture the world with VR in 10 years time?

P.L : I don't know exactly when, but someday, virtual reality is going to match the quality of the real world. When it does, everything is going to change.

ETR : Finally we would love to see your famous collection of VR headsets. Would it be possible to get a picture of the collection ?

P.L : I don't have a picture of my whole collection, it is mostly in storage boxes at the moment!

Thank you again to Palmer for taking the time to answer all our questions.
I do not know about you, but we can't wait to see what Oculus VR is preparing!

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